About Me

John is a high school math teacher at Alta Loma High School in Upland, California.  He has been teaching since 2006 when he earned his Bachelors Degree in Mathematics.  In 2011, John received his Masters Degree in Educational Technology from Grand Canyon University and has a passion for integrating technology into the classroom.  Outside of school, John enjoys hiking, kayaking, fishing, playing and watching sports, mountain biking, and hanging out with his amazing sons and beautiful wife.  He has been married since 2008 and, in 2010, welcomed a beautiful boy into this crazy world.  Life as we know it evolved into family time and enjoying the experiences that life threw his way!  Life changed again in September of 2012 as the Stevens family welcomed a second boy to the family tree.  Get ready for bruises and boys being boys!

John is also responsible for the site for his students, mrstevens.weebly.com.  On his site, John offers his Algebra curriculum as a flipped model as well as additional materials for his students and visitors to the site.

Along with his other responsibilities, John leads a team called the iPad Jedi Masters, or the AppsInClass team, that runs the website www.appsinclass.com and Twitter handle @appsintheclass.  He started the project as a college assignment and has seen is grow into a strong team of educators who are passionate about technology and getting the tech into the hands of kids.

John hopes that this website and program that has been started will be the start of something bigger.  He hopes to inspire students by getting them to reason and think about justifications. Follow John on Twitter @jstevens009


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